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Design Begins with Data
A Probiotic Designed for India
Probiotics for Indians
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Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia’s first microbiome company, has developed the “India Series Probiotics & Synbiotics” based on the Indian microbiome data. All the products have been developed for the Indian population based on probiotics that are missing in the Indian gut.
Make In India

Made for India in India

In Science We Believe

Research & Development

Rychbiome series of products have been developed by Leucine Rich Bio - South Asia's first microbiome company after years of research into the microbiome data.
Indian Microbiome
Collection of the largest Indian Microbiome dataset
In Depth Analysis
Identification of which probiotics are missing in majority of the Indian gut
Development of probiotics, prebiotics & synbiotics aimed to improve the Indian gut
Microbiome Database
Indian Microbiome Data Analysed
Global Microbiome Data Analysed


Company Awards
Our Responsibility

Global Standards

All RychBiome products and formulations have been developed with great care following global standards
GMP Quality
Improve Your Gut Health
Gut Microbiome Index
A numerical index indicating the state of dysbiosis or imbalance in the gut
Diseases Risk Index
A qualitative risk estimate for 16 diseases
Pathogen Characterization
A list of gut pathogenic microbes that have been identified
BugSpeaks® analyses your complete gut microbiome composition, characterizes its diversity and abundance, associates them with various disease susceptibilities, with the ultimate goal of generating a comprehensive set of dietary, prebiotic and probiotics recommendations.
Nutritional Recommendation
A 12 week nutritional recommendation to rebalance the gut
Probiotic Recommendation
A personalized probiotic recommendation
Prebiotic Recommendation
A detailed prebiotic supplement recommendation

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